Case Results

These are some of the case results our law firm has settled over the past few years:

  1. $193,000 – motor vehicle accident; ringing in ears, increased hearing loss; non-surgical
  2. $265,000 – motor vehicle accident, chronic low back pain; non-surgical
  3. $1,313,000 – motor vehicle accident, 70 year old man sustained mild traumatic brain injury, resulting in short term memory loss; successful brain surgery
  4. $825,000 – motor vehicle accident, ruptured disk in low back; laminectomy and fusion surgery
  5. Confidential Settlement Amount – motor vehicle accident, serious facial, eye and dental injuries and mild traumatic brain injury caused by road debris crashing through client’s windshield and hitting client in face/head; multiple surgeries
  6. $275,000 – quadriplegic sustained shoulder injury as a result of wheel chair tipping over on a  defective wheel chair ramp; shoulder surgery required
  7. $300,000 – motor vehicle accident, wrongful death; policy limits obtained
  8. $325,000 – man hit by car in parking lot, resulting in fractures to skull and ribs, eye injury, soft tissue back injuries and mild traumatic brain injury; non-surgical
  9. $469,000 – motor vehicle accident, shoulder and hip injuries and loss of military benefits due to forced early retirement; shoulder surgery required; relationship of injuries to “minor” accident disputed
  10. $228,000 – pedestrian hit by motor vehicle in parking lot, concussion with headaches, foot injury, chronic soft tissue injuries resulting in onset of reflex sympathetic distrophhy, disputed mild traumatic head injury; non-surgical; liability and relationship of injuries to accident disputed
  11. $300,000 – Construction site injury; aggravated pre-existing herniated disk in low back, sciatica; no surgery required; defense disputed relationship of complaints to the accident
  12. $200,000 – motor vehicle accident, aggravation of pre-existing soft tissue injuries and highly disputed mild traumatic brain injury
  13. $300,000 – motor vehicle accident, fractured pelvis and broken ankle with ankle surgery; policy limits obtained
  14. $1,000,000 – Wrongful death claim re young child in home swim pool drowning; heavily disputed liability
  15. $300,000 – slip and fall on grease in commercial building, back surgery
  16. $270,000 – motor vehicle accident, fractured pelvis with surgery and full recovery